What Successful People Have In Common?

Updated: May 7, 2019

Black Guy in Black Suite
By Taylor Grote

There are those who cross over to the other side and there are those who are stuck figuring out how.

What makes someone successful is not defined by solely outward accolades or some outward validation by the world they are in.

Success is living the type of life you want to live defined by your core value system (refer to blog "Establishing a Core Value System").

So the person who wanted to be a lawyer and is now the best lawyer in their respective field, is no different from you.

What makes them in the running's and likes of many other successful people in their respective fields? Mental: its all in the head.

Mental Toughness

We live in a world full of naysayers that you have to combat with your own doubts along with circumstantial events that would set anyone back a step or two. What makes people who get to the other side versus those that don't is their ability to remain mentally strong during tough situations. It's always easy to press on when you are feeling good and everything around you is conduc