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Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Girl laying by the pool in a black and white stripe tank top with sunglasses on taking a selfie
Photo by Bruno Gomiero

There is an inherent need to be acknowledged by our fellow human peers that we are:

  1. Important to society.

  2. Our contributions to society are valued.

  3. We are appreciated for our efforts to make the world better.

Acknowledgement is important and sometimes can be the driving force to keep going.

But validation does not equate success.

There are people who receive lots of validation, but are not truly successful because they are misaligned, have no core values or no clear goals. They are merely riding the tides with no purpose.

Validated, but unsuccessful.

There are people who are effective in living out and articulating their core values, their goals and purpose; yet, do not receive the credit they are due for their successes.

Successful, but not validated.

Do not get validation confused with success. And while support and acknowledgement are good, sometimes you must validate yourself in order to reach success.


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