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Are You in the Driver’s Seat?

We live in a world taking us to many spaces and places - sometimes without warrant.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 took us to working from home more, on zoom calls and for some becoming homeschool teachers on the dime.

With the world becoming more digital and change happening at an exponential rate, it can feel as if we are pulled in multiple directions at multiple times.

What seemed like a match made in heaven working from home now seems like purgatory as your home is now filled with work issues that you used to leave at the office at the end of the day.

But the issue is not all of the changes that are bound to happen expectedly and unexpectedly, the issue is are you truly in the driver’s seat of your life managing the ebb and flows of life?

Have you put your hands on the steering wheel and placed your foot to the pedal?

Here are a few things to explore whether or not you’re in the drivers seat of your life:

Social Media Culture

Do you start your day checking your Facebook notifications, your inboxes or your newsfeeds first?

Are you triggered by your need to see how many people liked your latest posts?

Are you reading every comment on the latest argument on Social Media?

Or how about checking to see if that one person is active online; yet, haven’t replied back to you?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, it may appear that social media- a fabricated view of reality may be in the driver seat more than really living in 3D.

It’s okay to connect and engage. We are all created for relationship and connection because humans are social beings. However, the moment that connecting and using social media as a driver seat of connecting become more important than having a healthy sense of yourself and stability; then, it could be in the driver seat of your life than you.

Understanding Your Time

Do you allow everyone to tell you where you need to be, what has to be done and when?

Do you feel you are slave to your work calendar, your children’s schedule and the social events of your friends and families?

Do you have a hard time saying no consistently to the invitations and offers of others that require your time and energy?

Do you feel drained more on your off days than you do on your work days?

You do feel a sense of resentment because you are, “Always there for everyone else when they need you, but nobody can never be there for you when you need it most?”

If this sounds like you in any essence, it could be a tell tale sign that you are not in the driver’s seat of your time.

Instead, you’ve allowed false expectations, people pleasing, and mis-aligned core belief systems to take you on a ride down the road of exhaustion, un-fulfillment, and depression.

The most powerful way you can be in the drivers seat of your life and your time, is being okay with saying no much more often than you say yes.

Mastering Your Emotions

You know the drill, you wake up from a bad dream and the mood of that dream spills into your day.

Maybe a current matter starts to remind you of a past circumstance that wasn’t so favorable.

Or yet, things are so good - fear seeps in as if there should be something wrong.

That little creature called self-sabotage takes you on a downward spiral to no avail.

Sound familiar?

If so, your emotions especially the rollercoaster they can put you on definitely can be managed to where you are leading the ride for your betterment not detriment.

10 Ways to Staying in the Drivers Seat of Your Life

  1. Turn off your social notifications and choose when you decide to digest social media.

  2. Say no to the next 5 things you always say yes to. See how you feel after the experiment of consistently saying no.

  3. Set time aside to not be disturbed as in putting on your phone on DND (Do Not Disturb).

  4. Incorporate ways to use down time as solitude time and start teaching your children how to master within. Find days where you teach them to be in the drivers seat versus outside stimuli.

  5. Don’t make your off days about being off at work but being available to every social event you’re invited to on the weekends. Take your off days from work as opportunities to charge and reset.

  6. Set days for digital detox: no internet, no TV and no smart devices.

  7. Start your day with gratitude and think on the things you are grateful for such as, “Thank God that dream was just a dream and not a reality.”

  8. Be intentional about what you say yes to. Ask yourself, “Is what I am saying yes to going to serve a higher good starting with the higher good of wellbeing; and if so, how?”

  9. Breath. When it feels like your emotions want to take over and lead you on a downward spiral, simply pause and breath.

  10. Keep a trigger log. Write down, journal and track those things that cause your emotions to get topsy turvy. Identify patterns that you uncover as well as strategies to managing these triggers and the emotions that arise from them.


Sometimes life causes us to stop at the stoplight and switch our seats from the drivers side to the passenger side in an instant.

It’s okay if you feel you’ve found yourself out of control of the role you play in your life.

It happens to us all; however, the most important thing to do is know that you’ve allowed everyone and everything else drive you to places you were never destined to go.

Simply put on the emergency brake and get back in the driver’s seat of your life, period.

And when you do, don’t ever let someone nor something steer for you.

When you’re in the driver’s seat of your life, you embrace possibilities!


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