Are You in the Driver’s Seat?

We live in a world taking us to many spaces and places - sometimes without warrant.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 took us to working from home more, on zoom calls and for some becoming homeschool teachers on the dime.

With the world becoming more digital and change happening at an exponential rate, it can feel as if we are pulled in multiple directions at multiple times.

What seemed like a match made in heaven working from home now seems like purgatory as your home is now filled with work issues that you used to leave at the office at the end of the day.

But the issue is not all of the changes that are bound to happen expectedly and unexpectedly, the issue is are you truly in the driver’s seat of your life managing the ebb and flows of life?

Have you put your hands on the steering wheel and placed your foot to the pedal?

Here are a few things to explore whether or not you’re in the drivers seat of your life:

Social Media Culture

Do you start your day checking your Facebook notifications, your inboxes or your newsfeeds first?

Are you triggered by your need to see how many people liked your latest posts?

Are you reading every comment on the latest argument on Social Media?