Mindset & Racism

Racism is the fox that is embedded in the woods of our minds, in the inner dialogues of our subconscious and in the actions of the conscious. And it is this thinking that makes decisions, policies and ecosystems for a society creating a world of false superiority by a selected few.

And quite frankly we are all equal.

Yet, why does our world and the access to life, liberty, the pursuits of happiness and justice for all seemed relegated to a select few?

That is, because racism is a mindset wrapped in a false hierarchy of the ego - one that says people of Color are inferior and persons of Caucasian descent are superior.

Did you know that racism and the ideology of color casting was created?

According the long 90,000 year old history of humanity on Earth, this is a new phenomena only 400 years old.

The color casting system is a mindset that says caucasians are better than people of color; hence, the context of white supremacy.