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Understanding Expectations

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

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Expectations are usually standards or norms that establish what we should or should not be doing.


Everyone liking you.

  • There will be people that will not like you no matter what you do to win their comradery.

  • Sometimes it’s the luck of the straw.

Such is life.

Everyone agreeing with you.

  • Differences are part of life.

  • Not one person is exactly the same.

  • Don't be surprised when you find out the person you thought you had so much in common with exactly does not share some of the perspectives on certain issues.

Worldly Benchmarks.

  • No you are not supposed graduate college by 22, but kudos to those that do.

  • No you are not supposed to get married by 30, but kudos to those that do.

  • Success does not come at the ripe age of 25 while Hollywood would have you to think so, but kudos to those that do.


Give your best in all that you do.

Take of yourself.

  • You CAN'T give your best to society if you don't give yourself the best.

  • Nurture your growth and development.

  • Take care of your body: you only get one.

Embrace learning curves.

  • Humanity is not perfect, that INCLUDES YOU.

  • Humanity is not all knowing, that INCLUDES YOU.

  • Therefore, there is always room for growth and learning.

  • Learning is a lifelong journey so accept and embrace it as apart of life.


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