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The 5 Common Misfires in Setting Goals

Goal setting is a common process to achieve success.

However, many a times, people make some common mistakes while setting goals.

These mistakes lead to not achieving the desired success and loss of all hope.

Listed below are five common mistakes that people make while setting goals:

People Set Undefined Goals

People often set fuzzy goals. For instance, I want to be famous. These types of goals are fuzzy as there is no definite idea to start and about the result.

  • Why do you want to be famous?

  • What do you want to be famous for?

These types of goals only lead to drifting and potentially unhappiness for not achieving the desired end goal because it lacks clarity with an understanding what it takes to get there and why it is a goal in the first place.

People Do Not Set Timelines or Set Unreasonable Ones

The second major mistake is setting deadlines that are hard to meet.

Some people set very tight deadlines thinking to achieve success quickly. However, they do not realize that tight deadlines are hard to meet and you can easily commit a mistake due to the pressure of meeting deadlines.

Set Goals that are Rigid & Lack Flexibility

The third major mistake is that people often set boundaries when trying to achieve goals.

Limiting yourself does not allow you to grow in terms of experience and encouragement.

Only stretching yourself over the boundaries can enrich you with the qualities necessary for achievement of success.

People Confide Goals to the Wrong People

The fourth major mistake that people make is that they discuss matters of importance to achieve goal with the wrong people.

Sometimes, people’s outside opinions and perspectives on your goals can make the whole process more confusing for you and at times their negative comments or wrong comments can cause you to be demotivated.

Further, they tend to give wrong suggestions, which make it even more difficult for you to achieve success.

People Set Goals Without a Plan

Last but not the least, most people do not have a proper action plan to reach the goal. In other words, you cannot call a thing goal unless you have a plan set. Then it is merely a daydream.

Moreover, you cannot expect to make a plan within ten minutes unless it is extenuating circumstances or an emergency. Itakes time, patience, and organized thought to chalk out a plan in order to achieve a goal.

In most cases, a goal remains a mere drifting thought because people cannot make an organized plan they can execute.


Here you have learned about the some of the common mistakes that people make when achieving a goal.

Only if you can keep these things in mind and learn from all misfire, then you can profit from them with achieving success.

And when you do, you embrace possibilities!


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