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Social Awareness

Updated: May 1, 2019

Dinner Party with two men and two women
Photo by Boxed Water is Better

Social Awareness Skill is a key component to emotional intelligence because we are created for relationship and connection with others.

Social Awareness is, "The ability to accurately understand the emotions and concerns of other people" (Line of Sight Institute).

Social Awareness will allow to understand other people's emotions, needs, and views. Furthermore it will help you assess and sum up social settings and group dynamics.

Tips on Improving Your Social Awareness:

(1) Practice Active Listening.

(2) Watch for Non-Verbal Cues (Body Language).

(3) Put yourself in the other person's shoes (Empathy).

Social Awareness will help you be able to deal with various types of people which is very important.

There are roughly 9 billion people in the world and every single person is uniquely different. However, social awareness is definitely a win-win here on planet Earth.


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