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Relationship Management

Updated: May 2, 2019

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Photo by Pablo Merchan

The reality is painfully true, but true. In order to sustain healthy, fruitful relationships, it takes intentional work and energy.

The results and fruits of your labor are worth it.

In order do to so you must have the ability to manage them.

Relationship Management--the fourth component of emotional intelligence--is, "The ability to inspire, influence and develop relationships with others" (Line of Sight Institute).

Relationship Management helps you to:

(1) Acknowledge your own relationship needs.

(2) Express your feelings clearly.

(3) Understand another person's relationship needs.

(4) Understand another person's feelings.

Tips on Improving Your Relationship Management Skills

(1) Communicate on Purpose.

Be intentional about your communication.

Make genuine attempts and efforts to communicate.

(2) Accept the feedback.

Be an active listener that can decode the sender's message without being defensive.

Make sure you express your own feedback in a constructive way.

Relationships are truly the currency of success, when you master them, you master possibilities!


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