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Mental Conditioning

Updated: May 7, 2019

Woman thinking behind a blackboard of ideas

The greatest super computer that was ever created was yep your brain.

Just as an athlete physically trains its body to perform at its best capacity, you must condition and train your mind so that it performs at its best capacity.

Here are some things you can do to condition your mind for effectiveness:

  • Rest.

  • Relaxation.

  • Prayer.

  • Journaling.

  • Having a Daily Spiritual Practice.

  • Minimize idle chatter. I know ladies that means "Girl Talk" could be wasting your time and your mind.

Results of mental conditioning are:

  • Rejuvenation.

  • Better problem solving solutions.

  • More effectiveness.

  • More creativity.

  • Better mood.

Just as you build your body for longevity and vitality, you must build your mind to be fruitful for you, for now and in the long run.


What are the things you do to sharpen your mind?


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