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#Lettuce: Be on Time!

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The Lettuce Series: Bold in your face salad!


Having an awareness of time is an important character trait to exemplify. Being timely means you are mindful of your tasks, responsibilities, and obligations as they relate to the clock (time).

It also demonstrates these key traits to embrace possibilities:

  • Attention to Detail

  • Responsiveness to Adjustment

  • Dependability

Attention to Detail

When you are aware of time (commitments), you are saying, “I pay attention to details.” You are saying, “I know agreeing to our meeting at 8:30 am does not conflict with prior deadline or previous agreed upon obligations. This translates to customers, stakeholders and your team you can pay attention to not only time, but to all the details especially the little things that can add up to the big things.

Responsiveness to Adjustment

We all know things do happen and life does not go as planned. When timelines change, it is always important to make the proper adjustments and respond accordingly to the parties impacted by these changes. And do not, please do not be a no-call no-show type of professional. Failure to communicate can communicate your disregard of other people’s time and resource.

Do respond as soon as you are able to communicate adjustments in timeline(s).


When you are timely paying attention to the details and being responsive to adjustments, you are merely stating you are a dependable professional. No one wants a service provider or nor a team member they question their ability to deliver. It works in your favor to be timely because it can imply you are being a person others can rely on.

Time is one of the most valuable resource you have. To be timely not only means you value time for yourself, but you also value it for others.

#Lettuce be on time please.


How do you manage your time wisely?

Share your tips and tricks of the trade in the comments section below!

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