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Get Tired Enough to Stop This!

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

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Photo by Nadine Shaabana

Yes, this is the practice that never served you any good.

This is one practice that wastes your energy that could be used for something more productive.

Want to know what the practice is?

Complaining YES complaining.

Why complain?

Does it change the circumstances?


Do people care?

Most times, no.

Do you have the ability not to complain?

Yes on top of yes.

The saying goes, “95% of people don’t care about your problems.”

And the reason being is because 100% of all people have something they are working through themselves, so why complain?

When you complain, it’s almost as if you’re telling the world, “My problems are more important than everyone else’s, and I deserve the right to have a fit, be negative and have an attitude of ungratefulness!”


Complaining simply shows your thoughts are motivated by low channels of:

  • Discontent

  • Impatience

  • Arrogance

  • Ungratefulness

  • Fear

And it’s not to say that when we experience unfavorable things in our lives, we are not to address them. False.

What we ought to be communicating them in a way that is from a space of a healthy emotionally intelligent perspective (refer to blog Emotional Intelligence).

And the best way to ensure that you speak in this light versus complaining is by having a positive mental attitude response (refer to blog P-MAR).

So the next time someone says, “I can’t complain,” remind them they won’t complain ... because complaining is a choice ... you can choose to complain, and it’s best to decide not to.


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