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7 Ways to Tell You're Suffering From an Obsession with Preparation

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As the famous quote by Bobby Unser says, "Success comes when preparation and opportunity meet."

Preparation is very much an integral part of reaching your goals and truly living out the best version of yourself. "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" (Benjamin Franklin). Therefore without preparation, you face stumbling blocks because you lacked to take needed steps in building and developing yourself to execute your purpose. In the end, you will find yourself like a ship without an anchor or a ship lost at sea moving along by the winds of life: wherever they take you.

While lack of preparation is clearly detrimental to your life, remaining in the preparation phase of life will leave you just as stagnant. How do you know if you are being paralyzed by preparation?

Here are 7 ways you can tell if you are suffering from an obsession with preparation:

1. Do you feel inadequate?

Sometimes we mask, always having to prepare for something by our feelings of inadequacy to make a decision and act.

2. Are you always organizing for the sake of organizing?

Organizing is important to do and it should be a part of your practices to help you function effectively. However, if you find yourself always "organizing" for something; instead of doing something, you could be overspending your time to prepare for tasks that truly need action behind them, not organization.

3. Does every decision you make for the present have to do with getting ready for something in the future or are you consistently pushing back dates and timelines?

While it is good to make sure you have all things in place to execute a plan and gain readiness for future opportunity, consistently putting off clear dates to do things in the name of, "getting ready," could be a lack of enthusiasm to push forward or a need to relax on over planning.

4. Do you spend your time taking action and learning from them or always working on something to help you take action?

Failure happens, mistakes occur and yes, there are times when you could have prepared better for them. Nonetheless, you don't need a warm up or build up session to move forward. Once you've done all the research you can do and have set a plan in place, the best preparation is to act.

5. Do you Google Search a lot?

While Google is a very useful tool to research and access an infinite amount of information, it can't be why you fail to act because "You need to Google it first."

6. Are you an Office Gadget Junkie?

Are you the one who has a tool for the tool to prepare for future needs, goals, and plans? These things are great productivity tools to help you stay on top of your information management and projects. But if tools are merely another upkeep that you have to do for every single task, they could be unproductive and you may over obsessing about what they help prepare for versus what they are useful for; to improve decision-making skills and act on them.

7. Is your favorite statement, "When I . . . "

When I, is the scapegoat and friend of, "I will preparation now to do something later." It is also the roommate to procrastination because while you are working on your "When I," you are not focusing on your goals; yet, dwelling on "When I."

Your destiny does not arrive at your door because you stood there waiting for the doorbell to ring. Destiny is a transformational process that takes intention and yes, preparation. Preparation is the launching pad to build character, expertise and your ability to execute efficiently. However, keep in mind, preparation is a launching pad meant to move you forward not keep you stagnant. If preparation has been your excuse for not acting or the lack thereof, it is time now to take preparation by the horns and leap to embrace possibilities.

Your dreams are waiting for you.


How do you prepare for your goals?

Tell us how you met your dreams and destiny with good preparation?


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