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Your Story is Your Light

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Your story is uniquely yours for a reason. It is not to discredit you but actually, give you the purposed platform to thrive in life.

If you ever felt your story shames you, disqualifies you and/or persecutes you; that is far from the truth.

In fact, your story earns you the credibility of trust to those you are meant to help.

Yes, you are created for relationship to be a light and help others.

When you embrace who you are and what your story has been, you can tell your account from a unique space that those who can relate to it, be reached and ultimately; you build the trust that you are an expert of the human experience.

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Credibility says:

  1. I am honest enough to be authentic in my story.

  2. I am courageous enough to tell my story.

  3. I respect those going through this human experience and help them along the way from my story.

Credibility does not say:

1. I know it all.

2. I have never failed along the way.

3. My story has not been impacted by the stories of others.

So never question the what of your story. Start looking at the how of your story.

Ask yourself:

  1. How can my story help someone?

  2. How does my story help me to be a better person?

  3. How can I see universal themes in my story to relate to others (including issues of fear, happiness, sadness, failure, and hope).

So your story may not be of college credits.

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop

It doesn't make your story any less compelling.

And salutes to those stories that can relate those individuals on the same track and human experience.

Maybe your story is dropping college altogether to pursue your passion, and you're still uncovering what that is.

If that is your story or whatever your story is: own it, embrace it and the possibilities of its impact are endless. . . It is earning you credits. Your story is your light.


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