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Updated: May 6, 2020

Call it fate or maybe perhaps flirting with destiny, we all have those once in a lifetime moments that shift us forever.

If anyone can relate to priceless moments, it is Shea Evans, CEO of Flirt & Flutter Beauty Brand.

During a typical layover in Utah, this former flight attendant for Delta, took a chance at getting eyelash extensions. After a $700 loan and an appointment later, Shea was hooked taking flights to Utah for eyelash extensions.

During one of her appointments, she was encouraged by one of the cosmetologists to go to cosmetology school.

But it wasn’t until 2001, she decided to take the leap to do so.

And it wasn’t until 2008, 7 years later, she officially finished beauty school and opened her own beauty bar Flirt & Flutter.

As of December 2008, Flirt & Flutter was the only beauty bar of its kind in the state of Georgia and the third in the entire country.

From Glamour to Vogue to Rolling Out to every media outlet in Atlanta, Flirt and Flutter made waves.

In less than 9 weeks of opening, Flirt & Flutter generated $20,000 in sales by offering the one and only service she encountered during a layover roughly 10 years prior.

Now Flirt & Flutter is one of the premiere beauty brands and boutiques offering over 40 beauty services with locations in Atlanta and in South Florida.. Furthermore, Flirt & Flutter also leads a globally recognized instructional program.

We had the opportunity to talk with Shea about the power of chance and opportunity and even more so, how to embrace the journey with gratitude.

What would be the best word to describe what led you to where you are today, and why?

Learning to be grateful.


You see, as a flight attendant, I was always looking for things to enhance my beauty quickly because I had early morning starts as early as 3:30 am.

It is one of the reasons I decided to cut my hair.

I always tried to find things I could do that didn’t require a lot of maintenance in the morning.

During a layover in Park City, Utah, I discovered lash extensions.

While everyone else was going skiing, I decided to go to the spa to have the lash extension service done. I even had to ask someone to help me out because the lash extensions at the time were $700.

When I came back to the airport, all of my crew members were asking me, “What in the world did you do, something is different about you!” And it was all because of the lashes.

At that moment I knew that this was something I wanted to have as part of my beauty regimen.

Eventually one of the ladies asked me, “Why don’t you go to school for this?”

And I decided to do so.

After 9/11 had occurred and being ready for a change, I had the affordability to leave Delta and go back to school getting my cosmetology license.

I didn't actually start Flirt & Flutter until 2008

It took a while because my mom had died and during the time she was alive, she was a kidney patient all the while trying to finish Beauty School. In actuality, beauty school does not take that long. My finances couldn't afford it.

We opened the business in 2008 and we were the only company of our kind in the state of Georgia and only the third in the country.

Shortly after our clients were interested in the business and they wanted to learn how to perform our services allowing us to open offices in different locations expanding our reach.

The goal for Flirt & Flutter was to be the most innovative company when it came to the beautification of eyes and till this day, that is what we are known for.

So it's been a journey, that's why I say grateful because it had its ups and downs. From opening businesses to closing businesses but I am still in business.

What are the spiritual daily practices that you do to stay centered and healthy?

Every morning and every night, I make time to pray as well as meditating at night.

Also, my number one rule I have is, I do not engage in television.

And on my worst days when I feel the worst, I put on my best attire: heels, makeup, hair done, nails done, lashes and all.

I was taught that on your worst days to dress your best as a reason to counteract your spirit trying to go in a funk. If you look at yourself and you look bad, you are going to feel even worse [lightheartedly]!

What have obstacles taught you?

Obstacles have taught me that everything is not about money and that a person who really has power can make moves without a doubt.

Through obstacles, I’ve learned that you have to understand the power you have to make things move without spending money.

Therefore, it is so important to learn how to move without necessarily having money all the time.

Power will bring you to resources.

That comes through being authentic also.

Sometimes, let people know what's going on and be transparent with them.

Your situation can change in a blink of an act.

If it’s, “Hey listen I don't have any. This is what I can do. I can bring sweat equity and there are things I can do but I don’t have the money.”

People will respect you for that and you will be surprised.

You will still end up getting what you want.

What does embrace possibilities mean to you?

For me embrace possibility means seize the moment because you might not get another chance at that situation.

Do the best you can do with each moment and what the possibility is for you at the time.

That's what it means for me.

If you could sum up your life in three words as it stands today what would it be?

Never a dull moment.

And guess what, I love that!


Beyond Flirt & Flutter, Meet Blu Lemonade


Flirt & Flutter is not where Shea Evans ends, it is only the beginning.

With her latest company, Blu Lemonade Divinity Spa, she is taking beauty, health and wellness to the next level.

“Blu Lemonade, it comes from my work coming back and forth from Miami to New York.

Miami, is where sunshine meets the blue ocean; hence Blu Lemonade."

The Blu Divinity Spa is a holistic approach catering to groundbreaking industry techniques, Reiki services, inner meditations and even the use of CBD products.

Blu Lemonade will also offer light therapy treatments that are suggested to help alleviate degenerative diseases like diabetes and cancer.

For more information about Shea Evans and her growing beauty brands visit:

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Blu Lemonade: Facebook Instagram


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