You Are a Vibe, Own It

Taking ownership of your energy is one the most powerful and transformational things you can do.

You show up in the world as a responsible human being accountable to yourself first so you can interrelate with others in a healthy way.

When we were younger understanding who we are in this human experience, sometimes owning our feelings, emotions and our internal compass may have seemed overwhelming some times.

Welcome to puberty.

And sometimes, we are not always taught how to process ourselves, our experiences and our feelings.

In default mode, we tend to have the capacity to place or transfer our energies outside of us trying to make sense of what was going on inside us.

If not careful however, this habitual way of transferring what’s inside into outward experiences can lead to unhealthy ways of connecting such as in codependency.

We may, “Obsess, we babble, we become anxious. We try to control, caretake and fuss over others. Our energy spills out of us on to whomever” (Melody Beattie).