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Why You Should Be Your Fan First!

If you’re waiting for the fan of you’re dreams, keep waiting.

Because here is the truth and reality, you’ve got to be your fan first.

  • You be the answer.

  • You be the solution.

  • You be the cheerleader.

  • You be the fan of your possibilities.

It is not to say that having an ally of like minded people to value you and uplift you is not beneficial.

It is very much the case and very true.

But sometimes however, we’re waiting for someone or something to jump on board for us to start, to move and to keep forging forward.

If no one goes with you, if no one supports you, if no one rallies around you, it is okay.

Think of it like a birth, that is a solo experience.

You have to journey into life in from your mother’s womb on your own. Even if you are twin, one of you came out first before the other, twins don’t come out together holding hands.

The birthing is an individual process.

As you go through your transformational process of birthing possibilities, you will sometimes go alone.

Sometimes you will have to pick yourself up.

Sometimes the one person you thought would be cheerleading you on, is actually making every attempt (whether conscious or unconscious) to tear you down.

Sometimes when the goal is accomplished and the dream comes true, you may be celebrating all on your own.

And that is okay.

When you have been your fan first, you will know whose really your true fan when they come.

Hang in there, be your fan first and embrace possibilities!


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