Why Rest & Recreation are Important

In today’s hasty world, one thing that most of us have forgotten is that the human body needs to relax. We need to take time out for ourselves. Our bodies are more complicated than any machine man has ever devised.

Even the best of machines require to be energized in some way or the other and they need to rest if they have to work for a long time.

But, with our own bodies—these amazing machines that nature has provided us with—we are completely laidback. We don’t realize the need of rest for our body machines.

And therein lies a major problem.

Today, most people flinch at the prospect of rest. There is so much work everyone has taken up that resting seems like a taboo. It is something you should not speak of. It is something for the lazy people who can do nothing good in their lives… that’s the unfortunate impression we have about rest and recreation.