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When Turning Up is Turning You Down

Life is to be lived right?

Of course!

You are supposed to have fun.

As the saying goes, if you aren’t having fun you aren’t living.

But what happens when this idea of fun aka turning up impedes on your ability to:

  • Function at a high level

  • Meet your obligations

  • Maintain a Healthy Body

  • Have Healthy Relationships

  • Turning up, could be turning you down.

  • Having fun is a natural aspect of life.

Fun is:

  • Outlets that allow you to relax and refresh.

  • Safe spaces that do impose danger on you and others.

  • Does not cloud all of your time to where you cannot meet all of your roles, responsibilities and obligation.

Fun is not:

  • The abuse of any substance including but not limited to drugs, alcohol and even food.

  • With groups of people or areas that can impose danger to you.

  • Causing you lower your standards or core values to engage in it.

  • Spaces that cloud your judgement, lower your level of thinking and make you susceptible to negative talk of yourself or others (aka the gossip train).

Ways to Improve and Manage Your Fun

  • Be intentional about your time and the time you a lot for leisure.

  • Cut off or minimize relationships where you find your pastime complaining, negative and gossiping.

  • Be mindful of where you spend your time at and the mood it cultivates.

  • Have a no mercy policy to social arenas highly induced with drugs and alcohol.


We all need fun.

We all need times to let our hair down, it is part of life’s cycles and natural rhythms. As we know however, an imbalance of anything impacts the larger whole and too much of the turn up can turn your life down.

So find the balance, maintain the balance and enjoy life with balance embracing the possibilities!


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