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The Power of Acceptance

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Acceptance is that “A” word we say especially in the process of healing.

In the famous Serenity Prayer, it articulates the importance of acceptance; yet, there are times where it is hard appreciate acceptance.

Sometimes we confuse acceptance as a form of roll over complacency or a lack of determination to really evoke the change we really want to see in our lives and sometimes in the world.

For example, we may feel that when we accept there are and/or have been people who are evil and for selfish gain in the world, that we are helpless in the strive for peace, harmony and equity in the world.

But that is far from the case.

Acceptance is not about what is going outside of you, but understanding the things within yourself.

Three Principles of Acceptance

1. Letting Go: Releasing Control

Humanity can be selfish by nature at times. We like to have our way, which ultimately leads to control.

  • Controlling the conversation.

  • Controlling the narrative.

  • Controlling the relationship.

  • Controlling the outcomes.

  • Controlling the actions.

  • Controlling the cause and effect.

The list goes on.

Control and trying to orchestrate things unreasonably causes stress and strain.

When you are trying to control, you may find yourself weary, worried and worse some.

The first principle of acceptance and letting go releasing the need be the God, Savior and solution to every situation in your life and in the life of others.

2. Focus on What You Can Change

When you let go and release the need for control, you gain the clarity need to have the peace of mind knowing what you can change and letting go of what you cannot change.

You cannot change other people, but you can always 100% change yourself.

3. Influence Your Circle of Influence

When you accept it is only you that have the power to change, you begin to understand how your change impacts your circle of influence for change in other areas.

For example, you can’t change a nagging parent.

But you can change how you respond to their issue to nag you.

By changing yourself and how you respond has an influence of how the relationship with your mom or dad will ultimately change.

Understanding who and whose not in your circle of influence will help you identify relationships that are impacted, influenced by you using the power to change yourself.

Power in Acceptance

There more available to you in solutions and in possibilities through acceptance.

Acceptance helps you embrace healthy new perspectives that revitalize you centering you into a path of alignment and prosperity.

Sometimes it is easy to feel stuck as if a situation or person is getting better because you are looking for something outside to change.

Rather look within yourself and see how accepting what is going outside of you and start focusing on whats going inside of you for change, things will transform.

Things begin to happen.

That is how you embrace possibilities.


What are you looking to change within yourself?


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