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The Minion of Opinions

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I found it easy to be overwhelmed by opinions.

I believe this became my reaction to opinions because of my natural inclination towards empathy: to care for the feelings and perspectives of something outside of myself to show my relatability, compassion, and care of my fellow human being.

And maybe that has been the evolutionary process of my existence. In fact; as humans, we are not created to live alone, and our species have survived thousands of years based on a communal effort.

However over time, I found it debilitating to act: on my own goals, the vision I saw for myself and living authentically as me by the ideas and opinions of others.

And quite honestly, these opinions came from fair people, people who in most times mean no harm to me.

Everyone has an opinion on everything, anything, and everyone: including an opinion on you. If you give them space to dump them on you, they willingly accept the opportunity.

It is not your responsibility to internalize nor embed the opinion of others to who you are.

One of the realizations I came to know is that to live your life, it's going to take courage.

  • The Courage to hear no.

  • The Courage to hear that's not feasible.

  • The Courage to hear you are not qualified.

  • The Courage to hear you are not thinking correctly.

  • The Courage to hear do it this way.

  • The Courage to hear all the reasons why it failed and what you didn't do and what must do now.

  • The Courage to be the only one who believes and is willing to embrace the possibilities as you see it.

Courage does not say, I have to prove people wrong or refute what their perspectives are or accept their opinions as the way of light.

Courage says, despite the opinions and perspectives of others I will not drift from the definite purpose and path that is embedded in who I am created to be.

The most critical opinion you should choose, and I would implore, must accept is the opinions you think of yourself.

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  • So when you hear, "No," your opinion says, "It's clearing out the way and path to my yes."

  • So when you hear, "That's not feasible," your opinion says, "There is no such thing as impossible."

  • So when you hear, "You are not qualified," your opinion says, "My presence alone produces valuable results."

  • So when you hear, "You are not thinking correctly," your opinion says, "Have the attitude of gratitude, and you will always think right. Take every situation in thankfulness."

  • So when you hear, "Do it this way," your opinion says, "There's more than one way you to skin a cat."

  • So when you hear all the reasons why it failed and what you should've done, your opinion says, "I found out what I shouldn't do, learn from it and now choose another path to try again."

The most exceptional people who ever lived on Earth had to deal with people and their perspectives all the while knowing indefinitely the dream and purpose embedded within themselves.

If you are swayed by outside opinions and perspectives, you will be pulled and drifted further from your own self.

And if you don't stand for something, you fall for anything.

Stand on the opinion of who you are: an unlimited being created uniquely to be you with a purpose only you know what it is. Believe it and embrace it . . . The possibilities and everything you need to manifest it is all waiting for you.


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