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The Marathon Continues


Nipsey Hussle, Effective New Creative Solutions, Embrace Possibilities
Nipsey Hussle August 15, 1985 to March 31, 2019

Nipsey Hussle was the voice of his generation of thinkers, dreamers, leaders, and doers.

Wrapped in the grit of his voice, the wealth of his words and his heart for his community; he was unrivaled by none.

The tragic loss of Nipsey Hussle has ignited the masses with his words and wealth of knowledge he's left behind giving us the roadmap to achieve beyond our imaginations.

His famous slogan, "The Marathon Continues," came to be the mantra of a new movement.

As a young man, he rose above the lions of gang violence creating an entirely new business model by creating an entire music distribution channel via smart technology with his clothing line and made a unique fan experience through the principle of scarcity. He owned every channel of his brand & took his resources to redevelop the same gang-infested streets he once grew up in to encourage the youth in stem education.

In his honor, we share and highlight his greatest inspiration of wisdom on the power of embracing possibilities.

#1 You must have a definite purpose in life: you give your life its definition by the thoughts you hold in your mind.

"Thoughts are powerful in all facets. . . Have a clear vision. They [thoughts] come to life if you stick with the script."

#2 Persistence is the key.

"See long-term and have a vision. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight. Stick to your script long enough to make something real happen."

Nipsey Hussle, Effective New Creative Solutions,
Nipsey Hussle: hip hop artist, philanthropist, entrepreneur & social icon

#3 A plan removes doubt.

"Without a plan and a strong sense of faith in what you're doing, it's gone be real hard to accomplish anything."

#4 Understand the meaning of true success.

"Success is being able to do what you love to do and support yourself off of it."

#5 Think Wealth aka "Mailbox Money."

"Mailbox money is when you own an asset and you get income that asset generates. If you own real estate, you getting mailbox money. If own publishing and write your own records and you sell your publishing and you own the masters; when you sell [your records] on iTunes, that's mailbox money. That's the business model of every corporation that give advances to participate in the income of your assets. Mailbox money."

To keep the #Hussle going, support the Marathon Clothing Brand and keep his music and words flowing! #TheMarathonContinues


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