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The 55 Excuses We Say Rejecting Our Success

Excuses are a near brethren to self-sabotage and defeat.

Excuses cloud your mind to see limitations rather than facing issues squarely and uncover solutions to override them.

Cunning and sly, they settle in, make room in your head so you never make room for possibilities in your life.

Here are the common excuses people make that stops their progress and ultimately, rejecting their success:

If I didn’t have responsibilities of a family

If I had enough pull

If I had money

If I had a good education

If I could get a job

If I had good health

If I only had time

If times were better

If other people understood me

If other people accepted me

If conditions around me were different

If I could live life over again

If I did not “fear” what they would say

If I had been given a chance

If other people didn’t have it in for me

If I were only younger

If I were more pleasing to the eyes

If I could only do what I want

If I had been born rich

If I could meet the right people

If I had the talent that some people have

If I dared assert myself

If I had only embraced past opportunities

If people didn’t get on my nerves

If I didn’t have to take care of the house

If I could save some money

If the boss only appreciated me

If I had somebody to help me

If my family understood me

If lived somewhere else like a big city

If I could just get started

If I had the personality of some people

If I had friends

If my talents were known

If I could just get a break

If I could only get out of debt

If I could hear sorry from him, her or them

If I hadn’t failed

If I only knew how

If everybody didn’t oppose me

If I didn’t have so many worries

If I could marry the right person

If people weren’t so dumb

If my family were not so extravagant

If I were sure of myself

If luck were not against me

If my health was better

If I had not been born out under the wrong star

If it were not true that “what is to be, will be”

If I did not have to work so hard

If I hadn’t lost my money

If I lived in a different neighborhood

If I didn’t have a past

If I only had a business of my own

If people would only listen to me

(Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich “57 Famous Alibis”)

Alibis are the contrary and misappropriated use of your imagination rather than out of habit to use your mind, creative thinking and imagination to consider the possibilities before you.

“The first and best victory is to conquer self. To be conquered by self is, of all things, the most shameful and vile,” Plato.

Instead of accepting excuse, address the excuses, be ready to have thought response (P-MAR) of overcoming them and standing up to them.

Don’t let life pass you by because of excuses. Choose habitually to think possibilities and when you do, you embrace them.


Ready to stop making excuses and start embracing possibilities?

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