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Moving Past Your Past

We all know it is not possible to roll back time or undo or change past decisions we made and situations in the past; however, we can change the way we feel about past choices and circumstances we made in the past to empower our growth so they stop tormenting us here in the present.

We all carry baggage from the past, such things as maybe a broken heart, hurt feelings, bad memories of friends, loved ones that have lied, cheated, or betrayed us, or events that may have brought us pain.

We may even torment ourselves over opportunities we may have missed out on or even wrong choices we made in our lives.

We absolutely cannot allow ourselves to let things in the past, the things we cannot change, take over our present lives.

We all carry baggage from the past.

If you take the time to learn how to heal your past, it will enable you to be happy in the present.

You may ask how can you heal the past?

It’s Simple First: LET GO

Let go what no longer serves you.

Let go of holding onto the poor choice that can’t be made again. The situation that cannot be undone. The person who decided to move 6 months ago.The business deal that went sour.

It serves you no good to hold onto to something: the actions of yesterday that cannot be to done over.

What serves you is the lessons you learned to empower to you to be intentional about the situations you are in now, make the best choice to know today and trust yourself to be okay with where you are now.

Then Just: EMBRACE

The fact that no one, I mean no one is perfect.

You make the best decision with the information you have at the time. Continue to grow in your knowledge of you, your needs, your wants and your internal compass, you will continually keep making better decisions for you.

That learning is apart of life, it will never end if you want to embrace possibilities.


When you do this, you can look at past situations you cannot change in a brighter light with a new understanding to not hinder you, hold you back or keep you emotionally involved; yet, make you better, forge you forward and allow you to embrace possibilities.


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