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#Lettuce Embrace the Process

It is easy to get excited about the end result and end goal, you should.

Sometimes where you stand today and the end goal seems like worlds apart.

But just as you are excited by the end result, it is going to take that enthusiasm and more to embrace the process of getting there.

So, #lettuce embrace the process.

It will start making sense.

The years, the time, the toil and the continual levels of personal accountability and persistence.

It will start to make sense.

Think of it like this:

How can you help someone grow into a tree if you are still a seed yourself?

How can you encourage the caterpillar to keep eating the leaves to have the energy to make the cocoon to trust the process and encourage them to trust blindly in the beauty that is on the other side if you never became a butterfly yourself?

The fact is, you can’t. You must go through in order to authentically come out to lead others to cross the river.

If you are still in the wilderness, you can’t profess the true wonder of the paradise.

So keep going, it will make sense and #lettuce embrace process.


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