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#Lettuce Delegate!

Do you feel if you are doing a task, it won’t get done?

Are you scared to take your eyes off of a project in fear if you do, it will falter?

No days off for you to keep things going?

If this sounds even remotely like you, it is time to delegate!

Great leaders have great teams.

Great leaders delegate to the members of there team.

Great leaders cannot have all eyes in one place.

In order for great leaders to be great, they suck at micromanaging and are even better at delegation.

Delegation is not about relinquishing control of the greater vision, delegation is about trust and understanding that nothing done well is ever done alone.

When you delegate, it opens the door for you to focus on what you are strong in to execute what you can better.

If you are afraid of delegation out of fear of mistakes, then you will never be able to maximize your potential.

It is not that mistakes occur, it is how you handle them.

No business, person, group or entity for that matter is 100% perfect.

There is room to be human.

If you are uncertain that you have the right people in place to make decisions effectively, then you may have to consider a different personnel who you feel comfortable empowering them with a span of control.

No matter what, trying to do it all on your own will have you spent.

When the opportunity and capacity opens up for growth, #lettuce delegate.


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