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#Lettuce Be Okay With Being Okay

Sometimes dysfunction has been the way we’ve related that we don’t know how to feel, express, live, be, say or do anything that seems to come from a healthy, balanced, functional paradigm.

Big Blow ups are the normal way honest feelings are communicated.

Breakups to makeups is the space where compassion and empathy are displayed (momentarily).

Passive and aggressive responses to life is the only way you know how to be.

“Cutting people off,” seems like the only way you can work through interpersonal dynamics of relationship management.

Fear, shame, guilt, codependency and/or isolation is the only way you know how to manage your interactions with those closest to you.

If this sounds like anything familiar to you, it is the music of not being okay.

And when you start making the change in your life to move from not okay to okay, you are in a transformational recovery process of learning what healthy and whole is all about.

You may be recovering from:

  • Control to Freedom

  • Power Struggle to Collaboration

  • Codependency to Interdependence

  • Low Self Esteem to High Self Esteem

  • Passive Aggressive to Assertive

  • Abuse to Empowerment

  • Surviving to Thriving

  • Inequity to Fairness

  • Imbalance to Balance

  • Disharmony to Peace

  • Shame to Honesty

  • Silent to Having a Voice

  • Sad to Joy

  • Hopeless to Hopeful

  • Discontent to Gratitude

  • Guilt to Compassion

  • Fault finding to Forgiveness

And the list goes on.

This transformational season takes time to being the new norm, the new culture, the new lifestyle in which you operate from.

There may be times where the new normal doesn’t feel “right” because you are so used to not being okay.

The peace in your heart and joy in your soul you may question as, “Am I being selfish? What am I missing? Am I not being there for someone else who needs this joy? Should I be doing something?”

And the answer is no.

Just be.

Just be okay with being okay regardless of what you may think or see or even perceive what is going on with those around you.

Embrace possibilities to a life of waking up, living and going to bed at night with the notion that life can be a prosperous experience, you can be okay, that being okay is what you are supposed to be and being okay is what you were to supposed be all along anyway.

#Lettuce be okay with being okay.


Ready to recover and transform your life?

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