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It’s All in Your Head! Overcoming Fear

When you are thinking about overcoming fear, the one thing you have to steadily keep in mind is that fear is something that is universal.

You aren’t the only one who fears something, however inconsequential the fear might seem.

Fear Is Universal

Fear, though it is universal and claims a lot of people’s way of living, is, still above all, an individual thing.

It is a state of mind for each individual person.

It was not your state of mind that when you were born however, you did not have any fear.

If you look at infants, they would readily and playfully go near a snake if they were allowed to. Toddlers are very curious hence why we cover the electrical sockets with covers and place gates around the walk ways to create safe boundaries for them.

There is no fear at that stage.

The Root of Fear

So, where does it come in then?

It develops over time in life.

It develops by the conditioning of our experiences by our environment, our parent’s perceptions on what is good or bad, what society tells us we should look out for and our experiences that may have caused us sadness, disappoint and/or pain.

For example, we condition ourselves to think that a cockroach is dirty and fearsome and hence we may be frightened of it.

Or, we may deem that driving is difficult and people die on account of that, and we may develop a paranoia of driving.

And because we are all individuals and unique by default, we are all frightened by different things.

Someone is frightened of corpses but then there are people who would live with them very easily and without the slightest shred of fear in them. Or, there are people who are frightened of fire and then there are firefighters who do anything to overcome it and save people.

This again boils down to the fact that fear is an individual state of mind.

It’s All in Your Head!

For fear resides in our minds.

So if fear is in our minds, it is possible for us to condition our minds in such a way that we can overcome that fear? It is possible to go around our fear and even remove it from our mind completely so that we can live a fuller, more balanced life?

And the answer is yes.

Overcoming Fear

The beginning is through taking action and improving the way in which we lead our lives and respond to the inner talk and thoughts that come about continuously.


Autosuggestion is the hypnotic or subconscious adoption of an idea that one has originated oneself, e.g. through repetition of verbal statements to oneself in order to change behavior (Oxford Dictionary).

For example if fear arises when you drive out of nowhere, you would state out loud this autosuggestion:

“I am a great driver, I am aware of my surroundings and make safe decisions when I drive. I am always safe and protected wherever I go and in whatever I do.”

P-MAR: Positive Mental Attitude Response

If you are unable to say this autosuggestion out loud, you can state in your head as a positive mental attitude response.

You may be in a public setting such as in a business meeting, stating the positive affirmation in your head is a way you combat the fear in your head with a counter response.

Overcome Fear, Don’t Let it Overtake You

You have the ability to transform your life by controlling the one thing you can control: that is the response to thought and consciously choosing to follow the thoughts you that align with the life you desire.

While fear is a commonplace to all living beings, you don’t have to live life stifled by it. Respond to every fear with autosuggestion and P-MAR and start living a life of possibilities!


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