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Is The Feel Real?

Updated: May 1, 2019

Woman with Smiling with Glasses and Red Bows
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By definition emotions are, "a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood or relationships with others" (Reference Info).

Emotions are indicators and reminders to us of a greater underlying experience.

Emotions can help us and guide us along the journey as it can be a buffer and catalyst to change and growth that is necessary to embark on the possibilities.

Are emotions real? Yes.

If I am upset, there is no use in saying or talking myself out of my current state of emotion, anger.

This is the first key component to emotional intelligence which is self-awareness.

It is important however that no matter how real the feel is, the feel does not make real decisions for us.

We should address and respond to our emotions in a healthy way that does not compromise our core value system, our relationships and ultimately our lives.

Sometimes and most times, most of us have learned this hard lesson the hard way: welcome to life 101.

Furthermore, this is where self-management comes into play: the 2nd component to emotional intelligence.

This is where you use your ability to use self-control to manage your emotions and behavior so that your actions and response to your feelings does not contradict your core value system.

So to sum it up:

(1) Emotions are real, do not deny how you feel.

(2) Those feelings are not to be ignored and should be addressed and channeled in a healthy and ethical way.

(3) Having a core value system can help and guide you on how. For more information about establishing a core value system, visit our post on core values here.


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