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Improving Your Self-Image by Improving Your Self-Talk

The person you look at in the mirror who is looking back at you may not be the person you think you are. Most of our self-awareness comes from our perceptions of how we think we appear to others. Just how accurate our thoughts about ourselves are, is usually dependent on our life circumstances and the people and events that have shaped our memories and our perceptions of the things that have happened in it.

Our self-talk tells us about ourselves and if we listen long enough to it, it will speak louder than family and friends who often may affirm our strengths and abilities. This is negative called self-talk convincing many people that there is nothing good in them or their lives regardless of what is affirmed around them.

This creates tension and sadness that can manifest itself in destructive ways. It can affect relationships and health if not corrected.  

How do people develop the negative feelings about themselves?

Often they are the result of some outward experience that makes us feel bad on the inside about ourselves and we start to create a story about ourselves that is far from the amazing wonderful being the we are.

Even though what we may initially know that what we are telling ourselves is not true, over time we begin to internalize and then believe it. It begins to affect the way we think and feel about ourselves and how we appear to others.

Escape Poor Self-Talk

Escaping the negative feelings means learning to love the unique person we are. It means learning to allow others into our lives again without fear of a repeat of the hurt or rejection. We can do this alone by consciously rejecting the inner voice and countering it with a reminder of all the blessings and successes in our life or we can do it with the help of a trusted friend or counselor.

Facing Ourselves, For Own Well-Being

Finding the inner strength to face our negative thoughts about ourselves is the first step to discovering that we have hidden qualities and strengths we are often not aware of. It is a journey that no person will regret taking, once they embark on it. And when you do, you embrace possibilities!


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