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How to Get the Results You Want in Life

Sometimes it may appear that results are the most important thing in life.

In business, it’s about the profit.

In sports, it’s about the wins.

In school, it’s about the grade.

In pursuing a job, it’s about what you did in your previous job.

But before there are results, they are a series of actions (habit) to generate results and before there are a series of actions, a decision (choice) is made. Lastly, before a decision is made, a feeling (emotion) guided a hunch or idea and before the feeling that guided to an idea or hunch, there was a thought (mind).

The end result always begin with thought.

For some, they believe that their life is guided by a series of circumstances that they are responding to leading them to where they are in life whether they feel it was voluntary or involuntary.

But that is far from the case, all circumstances and results start at the seed of thought.

According quantum physicists, there is no reality without mind entering into it.

In other the words the brain is a powerful sending and receiving mechanisms with the ability to consciously and subconsciously transform thought into reality.

So the question is, what are you thinking?

Are thinking thoughts that inspire, excite, give hope, ignite love, increase faith, offer a sense of gratitude and give you a sense of passion? These are the positive emotions that cultivate positive thoughts leading to inspired wisdom and ideas which lead to inspired action which lead to fruitful habits and an ideal life and positive results.


Are you thinking thoughts that cause you doubt, fear and feel uncertain (indecision)? These are what you would call negative thoughts leading to poor perceptions which lead to less than optimal action or no action at all which leads to a less than optimal or undesirable results.

When we see people that we admire and the results of their life, consider how are they thinking not what are they doing because before you do, you must think.

If you want certain results in your life, consider what you are thinking about on a consistent basis and are those thoughts producing or going to produce those end results you desire?

There is what’s possible and what’s impossible.

Are you someone who wants to see results but only think the impossibilities?

If this sounds like you and you want to make a change in your life to embrace possibilities, all it takes is for you to change your thoughts.

Thought alone can transform your life.

They are truly powerful.


Want to improve your thinking so you can live the life you desire?

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