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How to be Authentic in a Social Media World

We live in a world where over 2 billion people are on social media.

Social media has become the place to create, “your world,” as you see it.

By connecting and sharing with a unique group set, social media has become literally a world inside of worlds.

It is easy to get caught up in the social media world than what is really going on the real world.

For the temptation to get likes, followers, reposts, tags and shares it is easy find yourself creating a personality that is a far cry of who you really are.

And what can happen is you create a falsehood and experience pressure to keep up with the act.

So how do you remain authentic in a world of social media?

Here are five key things to keep in mind:

Understand fully your intentions

If you don’t know the why to what you are doing, you are merely a ship without a sail. It is important that you are guided in what you share whether it is on social media or even a phone call with a dear friend. Ask yourself, “Why am I sharing this?” And lastly be honest with yourself. If the answer comes back that you are only sharing because you want to feel good about your life or get approval by way of likes, follows and shares; it may be best to reconsider what you are posting. You should be happy, excited, enthused and grateful for your life with everything in it without having to share it on social media.

Stop Comparing

It is so easy to fall into the trap of seeing someone else with more followers, more likes or more comments than you to start emulating what they are doing to ramp up your social media persona or feel as if who you are isn’t enough to get a like or two. However, do not fall into the trap of comparison. It is an unhealthy psychosis that will leave you always feeling not good enough, envious and in-authentic in your attempts rise up to what you are comparing yourself to.

Seek real connection not likes and follows

The rule of thumb on good relationships boils down to quality over quantity. You want quality friends (even if it’s but a few) than a lot friends that lack substance. The same principle applies to social media. It is a tool to connect with others and create quality relationships and followers not quantity. If being you has you 25 followers, that is far better than having 25 million followers where you can’t be yourself because you were more concerned about likes and follows than your own personhood.

Check-in with your emotions

Sometimes you can allow your emotions to be a compass rather than a marker of where you are. When you let your emotions guide you whether good or bad they can mislead you even on social media. Check in with your emotions before posting and ask yourself what are the emotions and intentions behind this post? Is it to feel validation, to feel accomplished or throw a jolt of anger at someone?

Pause and Reflect

When in doubt about sharing on social media, it is always good to pause. Take time to reflect on what you are using it for: is it to stay in touch with family and friends, meet new ones, for business or all the above? Reflection offers the time and space to get clarity on a clear authentic path for you.


Social Media is a great medium making the world a click, like or follow from your doorstep. And the opportunities as well as the uses for social media continues to grow. As it grows, make sure you continue to grow the authentic person you are and you show up real on social media for when you do, you embrace possibilities.


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