Don't Give Up & Don’t Give In: 25 Reasons Why

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

It’s easy to give into the small voice that says everything you are working towards isn’t worth all the hassle.

What’s even more alluring are the strong opinions of those closest to you who seem to be mere cheerleaders to your doubt, fears and faults aiding to the idea that quitting, switching gears and letting up may be the best remedy.

I am here to tell you that giving up nor giving into the pressures of life will solve your problems, only embracing the possibilities of achieving your dreams and goals will open the path to the solutions you are seeking in your life.

Still not convinced?

Well here are 25 Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Up nor Give in:

  1. Persistence is apart of everything worth pursuing.

  2. Self Trust not trusting others is where your success lies. Keep trusting yourself no matter what people say or don't say.

  3. Setbacks or failures are only temporary they don’t last forever.

  4. Majority of people give up on what they really want, be different.