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Step by Step: Doing What You Can

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

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Ever got a really great idea that was so amazing, so astronomical and so life changing that the start of it seemed overwhelming?


It was so amazing that you didn't even know where to begin?

Well, I officially welcome you to the world of creativity.

You see, it's not about the idea (I know that sounds harsh), its more about the start of a matter.

Here are two things to consider to minimize being overwhelmed or stagnant:

1. Stop comparing.

Sometimes our ideas may be similar to someone else's and we start to compare ourselves to their benchmarks.

We started to let defeating thoughts of comparison come in our minds like,

"Beyoncé was 16 years old when she got a music deal, I am 21. I am behind schedule and maybe it's to late for me."


Every vision is not created equal, they are unique to each person.

2. Stop Day dreaming.

Sometimes you see the end result, but you need to write clear steps of how to get to the end. Once you do this, start on the FIRST step, then progress to the next one.

Here's an example:


I want to be a doctor.


(1) Graduate High School.

(2) Apply to college.

(3) Get accepted into college.

(4) Get into the Pre-Med Program.

(5) Graduate College.

(6) Successfully Pass the M-Cat.

(7) Get accepted into at a Medical School.

(8) Complete Medical School.

(9) Compete your Residency.

(10) Pass Your Boards.

(11) Be a Doctor.


Get your High School Diploma or GED.

If you don't focus on and don't get passed the first step, all the while you are focusing on the final step without intention … you are merely day dreaming. Day dreamers think grand and do nothing.


3. Start setting goals based on what's best for you.

You may not have 8 hours a day of unadulterated time to work on ideas and goals like some do let alone an hour; in fact, most of us don't.

If it's just 5 minutes a day of brainstorming and writing your thoughts down until you have a clear idea of what to do next is just fine.

Don't get overwhelmed, don't get stagnant, be you and do what you can.


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