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Choosing Discipline Over Regret

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Have you ever had a conviction to start a new habit or make a change in your life?

Something as simple as, cutting back on soda, going to bed at a certain time or picking up a new skill could be the nudge you are getting toward change.

But then, a simple change becomes the insurmountable mountain to climb.

You are not alone. While habits are easy to pick up, changing them is a different case.

According to studies, it can take up to 21 days of consistently doing a particular thing in order to break the habit.

You may also find that sometimes your relationships, your environment, and even your own mind will try to sike you out of your own desire to change.

Your friend makes a big deal about you not drinking soda every time you go out almost to the point of nagging.

You start going to bed early for your new early start only to be boggled with late-night emergency calls and texts.

Your mind drops nudges of letting yourself off the hook whispering, “It’s really not that big of a deal.”

But it is.

Whether you believe it or not, our ability to stay the course to the simple changes we are leading ourselves to is important. It is the building blocks to creating a foundation for our lives to be able to manifest even bigger and greater changes within ourselves and for the world.

We aren’t here to just merely exist; we are here to live out a path and course to be the highest version of ourselves. It is this path that leads a life of adventure, fulfillment, happiness and all the possibilities we can imagine.

Therefore, it will require our friendly companion of discipline. Discipline is not the hard iron fist contrary to popular opinion. Discipline is the fiery nudge that tells us, “This matters, don’t stop, one step forward, keep going, breath onward, piece by piece you get there.”

Discipline will give you hints and signs along the way as to what's ahead if you keep going, share you more insights along the way as to why this change of course matters and it will send you confirmations of light that you are on the right track.

When you are making a change don’t expect the world around you to follow suit. The change is for you and sometimes, this can make discipline work tenfold to keep you on target.

But if you choose not to make the changes, if you allow the noise around you to silence the voice within and if you don’t go forth in the direction to know you’re guided to; the only counter is regret. The I should’ve listened 1 year ago ... 2 years ago ... 7 years ago .... 20 years ago becomes the song of your story.

As long as you are living, you have an opportunity to make those changes you know is needed to make to embrace possibilities. Don’t give up, don’t give in and choose discipline to be your guiding light and fiery nudge to go forth in definite of purpose.

Choosing regret only leaves you asking, “What if?”


Ever had a nudge that you didn’t follow?

Any great tips to encourage others to remain disciplined?

We want to know!


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