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Change Your Mind

Updated: May 2, 2019

Woman with glasses on thinking about something
Photo by Paola Augilar

Ever wanted to go to the mall: go shopping, grab a bite at your favorite local food court and on the way in pick up a tasty dessert on the way in for later; but in an instant, you changed your mind?

You say to yourself, "You know what I can stay in, watch my favorite movie and put in a pizza in the oven," content and fulfilled.

Your circumstances didn't change, it didn't mean that you couldn't or will never go to the mall, you just changed your mind.

As I think and reflect on this, I began to wonder what if we did this with everything?

Change our mindset.

Our mind is the beginning to many possibilities.

Our mind is the also the end to many of them because of our doubts, unreasonable perspectives and unrealistic expectations that crush them before we move into action.

Changing your mindset is a decision.

It's not this natural instinctive trait to look at things in such a way that offers healthy perspective, balance and optimism. While some of us have a large inclination to optimism, none of us are void to having to adjust our mindsets from time to time.

It will take effort. It will take time. It will take a commitment to growing your ability to have an effective new creative mind.

Some of you are in great places making leaps and bounds and are on the verge of embracing possibilities of your wildest dreams, but if you don't change your mind about some things, you will never know it.


Tell us how you change your mindset from limitation to limitless possibility?


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