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Blooming in the Dark

White rose in the dark background
Photo by Annie Sprat

We can learn a lot by watching nature. Its rhythms and patterns can teach us about our own rhythms and patterns. Without much effort, nature's flow of life seems to come and go without ever a need to fight against them. And so, we can especially learn about the patterns of blooming flowers.

As most assume, flowers tend to bloom during the day where creatures that crawl, buzz and zoom can pollinate them for continual reproduction of the plant. However, it is quite unique to know that some flowers bloom at night. They thrive in the dark.

Nightsky with Trees in the foreground
Photo by Andrew Ruiz

The archetypes of night and darkness usually translate to describe a time of eerie, scary, evil and yet, confusing moments.

In scary movies, all of the action typically happens at night where evil reigns king, and the characters are in disarray fighting for their lives.

Most times, when the sun finally rises the smoke clears, and the survivors go on hoping to live their lives safely and peacefully.

As we look at flowers that bloom in the dark, they tend to flourish during a time where nocturnal creatures such as bats can pollinate them.

And so, sometimes blooming in the dark is necessary to bring about a particular "thing," in your own life.

Most times when we are in the dark, we may feel we are in a whirl of confusion, fear or maybe evil by some form of injustice. Let us remember that no person who reached success was not faced with dark times.

Oprah Winfrey was fired from her local news station, now a multi-billionaire media giant.

Steve Jobs was fired from the very company he helped create by the age of 30, but single-handedly became the face of Technology's 21st-century Innovations.

Mark Cuban was fired from his job and had to live an apartment with 5 other guys, and now he is a multi-billionaire business mogul, to say the least.

J.K. Rowling was an unemployed single mother who'd later write the classic series, Harry Potter and become a world-renowned author.

Walt Disney was fired and went bankrupt before landing his first successful film and is now considered the innovator of cartoon and story animation creating one of the largest entertainment brands to date: Disney, Inc.

Dark times may not bloom the bright-eyed shining moments we envision, but what blooms is the character you need to really achieve your greatest desires and dreams.

In Darkness you can bloom:

  • Unwavering Faith: You may not see your way in the darkness, but your faith know there is a way with a definite purpose.

  • Clarity: Sometimes difficult moments is where we can learn the most about ourselves and others that gives us the clarity we need to keep moving forward.

  • Steadfastness: Everyone is faced with temporary defeat (as we mentioned many successful people who are clearly the victors in their stories), but in the darkness, we can learn to remain grounded until the sun rises in our favor.

Pink Flower in Dark Background
Photo by Carlos Quintero

And so, nature continues to prevail. The Evening Primroses, the Four O'Clocks, the Marvel of Peru's, the Tropical White Morning Glories, the Queen of the Nights and many more flowers bloom beautifully in the night.

Do not be discouraged by night and the dark moments in life. You take them as opportunities to flourish because you too, can bloom in darkness.


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