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Are You a Closest Pessimist?

Many people are not successful in many things they try to do because they have a closet pessimist mentality.

A closet pessimist is a private worrywart, someone who worries without letting others know.

These people put a brave face when they are in public but when they are alone, they worry themselves to death about the things they have assumed responsibility for.

This stops them from achieving their goals.

The consequences of being a closet pessimist are manifested in various ways, such as past failures, fears of facing the future, inability to own up to new responsibilities and so on.

For one to attain their goal, it is important to remove this closet pessimist attitude.

It should be replaced with an affirming attitude towards whatever you want to achieve. You should always seek to be an optimist and create a habitual response to life as possibilities not limitations.

Most of the people who are effectively successful in their career and equally (key “equally”) in their personal lives are those who have cleaned out their closet and have donated the pessimist to Goodwill.

Your success comes from within you. Your mind controls everything and so your mind will help you come up with solutions, with possibilities.

No matter what, don’t give space in your closet for pessimism by should not having a mentality to give up.

Regardless of the magnitude of any situation that you are facing, do not let it control your life by your thoughts. Think of what you want the end result to be.

Our brains stop working the minute we develop a negative attitude towards something. The minute you start to think that you have a solution to a problem then your brain will start to work effectively.

It’s time to clean your closets, come out of the closet and put an end to pessimism.

When you do, you embrace possibilities!


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