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An Optimistic Attitude: the Road to Possibilities

Living is an art, an art of effective principles of living and thinking, which govern the behavior and attitude of a human being.

The Views on Life

Life has various aims for various people – to some it is just an empty dream; to others it is a zeal and pleasure.

Life may be fulfilling of one’s responsibilities.

Life may also be an adventure.

Some live just for enjoyment. They like to eat and be merry without caring for tomorrow, which they think may not come. For them life is not a serious journey through years, it is a light comedy; at least that is what is they wish it to be.

In real life, however, very few people can enjoy so easily as life is not just a bed of roses all the time. And if they do,

the bed has many thorns too.

Comedy and Tragedy of Life

Life is a comedy as well as a tragedy.

In fact, these are the two faces of life to be faced as they come and go.

The Complaints of Life

Sometimes people find themselves grumbling for one thing or other and they are dissatisfied with life; some people complain about the lack of money while others suffer from ill health.

Even the richest man may have something to feel unhappy about.

An Optimistic Approach to Life

An optimist is definitely a much better fighter in the battle of life than a pessimist is. Optimists are always positively inclined to know that solutions and possibilities are available and open to them.

Brave is the man who takes comedies and tragedies alike as they come and go.

In fact, that is the attitude of life that can bring maximum success to a man.

One should always remember the basic principle of Gita,

“Do your duties and leave the results to God [Life, Universe, Your Creator]. “

The greatest of men have practiced this principle and tasted real success in life.

The point that you have to remember is keep your expectations balanced with healthy perspective, only then you can feel the satisfaction and content after achieving success.

This attitude keeps the mind free from cares, worries and undue pressure.

Be Present, Be Optimistic!

Therefore, it is advisable to live life to the present, learn from your pasts, and look forward to the future with a positive outlook.

Remain optimistic despite the comedies or tragedies because when you do, you embrace possibilities!


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