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5 Ways to Get Out of Your Funk

There are times when we feel low… times when we feel totally unproductive and of no use to anyone nor anything.

There are several things that can depress us in this manner, but what we have to remember is that being in a funk is common.

Sometimes they come by circumstances or just the tides of mood changes. No matter how a funk may come about, we have to keep in mind that our current circumstances are not forever, by choosing to use our time and energy wisely, we can come out of our temporary funk mode.

And by doing so, clarity and answers reveal themselves.

If you feel that it is very difficult to pull yourself together when you are feeling low, here are 5 things you can do to help get you out of your funk:

Listen to Music

Listening to music works therapeutically to uplift your senses and mood.

Whatever your particular taste in music is, listen to that.

Whether it’s your favorite song or singer, listening to music you like boosts your well-being to open your mind towards the positive and towards possibilities.

Play a Game

If you like games, this could be a great way to manage your mood.

Simple strategy games can do it for you if you like them as they help you and teach you how to think critically in a fun way.

The point is to make your mind happy, not stressed and frustrated.

So, choose the game you like and is easy going for you not a game that will have you throwing a fit!

Talk to a Friend or Accountability Partner

Most times, if you just share with someone you trust what is going on with you, it can help you process what you are feeling.

It is important to have healthy outlets and relationships you can bounce ideas of, gain perspective and offer a non biased listening ear.

Call the one person you trust more than anyone else and tell them what’s going on with you.

They will listen to you.

Do not fear reprimand or ridicule.

That won’t happen.

If they are a true friend or accountability partner, they will hear you out and offer you constructive feedback.

Go Out for a Walk

If you are bummed out, sitting inside and brooding sometimes can only make matters worse. What you need to do is to go out and let it all out.

Take a whiff of the air outside and you will find your perspectives opening up and limitations slowly dwindling away.

Most importantly, going for a walk and any form of moving will help your mind, give you time to release and offer you some effective thought to put things in a better perspective.

Shift the Focus

When you are trying to work out your feelings of being in a funk, the one thing you should try to do is to divert your mind.

Place your focus on something that you can put your heart and soul to.

This could be your work, or do something creative that you were long meaning to do.

This can divert your mind in a very profound manner and you will find that you are slowly but steadily coming out of your funk.


We all get in a funk from time to time and when you do, you don’t have to stay there long.

Arm yourself with the responses that offer a chance to recalibrate yourself and shift yourself into a space of enthusiasm, gratitude and diligence to your path ahead.

When you do, you embrace possibilities!


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