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5 Things You Should Do to Bring Out the G.O.D. In You

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When anyone thinks of God whether you believe in the concept or not, is believing in a higher power bigger than yourself. This higher power allows humanity to accomplish things they would not be able to do without it. It is the nuances of life that connect the dots allowing mankind to innovate, create and embrace possibilities beyond our wildest imagination.

Whether you believe in God or not, it is safe to say that in order to embrace possibilities however; you have to have important principles that you understand and embody. No one who achieved anything great did not lack in core principles with a determined mindset about them to take on their path in life successfully.

We like to call these core principles, "The G.O.D. Acronym," made up of three key core values: greatness, opportunity and decision.

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By Ryan Chan


You were born for a unique purpose and path. You are far from an accident in the world! You are made to do extraordinary things that only you can do when tap into your natural born ability and capacity.


There are many ways and avenues you can express and articulate your innate ability and activate embracing possibilities. You are not limited; yet, an unlimited being accepting from an unlimited source in an unlimited way. You are blind to limitation and have 20/20 vision on every opportunity before you.


No one can make you choose your path in life. Only you can choose for yourself: not your parents, not your friends, not your companion, not society, not your guidance counselor, not your job: it all boils down to a choice performed by you. Nothing happens without you deciding first.

Whether you know it or not, there is a G.O.D. lying within you waiting to activate a life and adventure that far exceeds your own expectations for your life. If you are struggling with how to tap into the G.O.D. in you, here are five things you should do.

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Photo by Rohit Guntur

1. Be Still and Listen.

Most times the G.O.D. in us is trying to guide us with nudges in the right direction, but the noise in our lives dulls the voice within us. Sometimes the noise comes in thinking being busy is productive in a world of studies, work, pursuing a career, a toxic relationship, social circles and even too much idle time on social media. Carve out time in your day preferably before you start your day, to be still in silence, quiet your mind and listen to what is guiding you effortlessly without restraint on the day before you.

2. Be Courageous!

Courage does not mean you don't feel fear, doubt or worry; yet, in the face of it all, continue to move towards the direction you are guided to go. Courage does not mean it was always be a glamorous Disney Movie and no you probably won't have a stunt double. Courage means I am not moved or shifted by things that are meant to stop me in my tracks. Onward is the only way to go.

3. Don't Dim Your Light (for anyone)!

Sometimes living out the G.O.D. in you may suit others. Whether it is by the sly shade or disbelief in you, don't let any of those negative things stop from letting your light shine through. Remain unapologetically grounded in the G.O.D. in you.

Man Praying in Nature on a pile of leaves
Photo by Nassom Azevedo

4. Spend Time in Nature.

You learn so much by being in nature. You can learn from its rhythms and how it effortlessly recreates its majesty season after season. Take time to sit outside, breath in the fresh air, watch the animals move about and appreciate what world you share with so many other living things.

5. Study People who made great achievements

It is good study and read the biographies of previous great humanitarians that accomplished and achieved many things. By learning their processes and how they brought out the G.O.D. in themselves, you will begin to identify patterns and themes that are universal to every human experience giving you a foundational support to bringing out the G.O.D. in your own life.

No single person whose ever walked this Earth was ordinary; instead, an extraordinary person if they knew the G.O.D. that lied within them. It is not by chance that you were born during a time, during this generation, during this age of life. Be great, see the opportunity and decide today to embrace possibilities.


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