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4 Skills You Can Learn from Pain

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No one likes pain.

Of all the emotions: love, happiness, joy, enthusiasm and pleasure, no one asks for another dose of pain.

According to the dictionary, pain is defined as physical discomfort or great trouble. While no one likes to be uncomfortable or have difficulties; unfortunately, pain is part of the human experience.

Woman in tears covering her nose and mouth

And while it may be contrary to popular belief, pain can a tool used for your good and your gain.

Here are 4 skills that you can learn from pain:

1. Adaptability

Sometimes we experience pain due to our inability to be flexible to change. The only constant in life is change. To thrive successfully, you must be able to adjust. Painful experiences can teach you how.

2. Discernment

Painful times can occur due to our own ignorance such as a poor decision made without all the information. It is going through and experiencing pain, we know what we don't want to go through again by our ability to use better judgment. As the saying goes, "Hindsight is always 20/20," that can be used for better decision making in the future.

3. Fortitude

Fortitude is your strength of character. It is easy to have great character when things are going your way, but what about painful, tough times? It is during tough times you learn what you are genuinely made of whether it be integrity or the lack thereof. Being able to maintain your character during pain teaches triumph in the face of adversity.

4. Focus

When you start a new fitness program like weight lifting or any exercise rather, starting out can be painful. You may notice pains and aches the next day you never knew could be in your body! To override the discomfort, you must carry a clear focus of why you are putting your body through a rigorous change.

What makes you stronger, won't kill you; yet elevate you

Working through pain, you learn the value of having a stern focus which ultimately leads you to more celebrated destinations and your desired end results. Pain is exactly what it is, a not so good feeling that cannot embed us physically but also psychologically and emotionally. Through pain, however, we are better, stronger and wiser for embracing possibilities.


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