4 Relationship Killers to Let Go Of

Relationships are made and broken all around us.

At such times, we become apprehensive about our own relationships.

We try to protect what we cherish the most. We try to look at ways and means how we can keep our relationship flame burning.

However, at the same time, we don’t realize that there are things we may do that can destroy the harmony of a beautiful relationship.

Actually speaking, it is these things—which are mostly behavioral traits—that we can carry to cause disharmony.


It is good to care about your partner and every relationship comes with a sense of exclusivity. If Jake is Jane’s boyfriend, the understanding is that Jake and Jake are one to another. Not Jake having girlfriends all over town, but if you take this exclusivity out as control or ownership of someone, then it can only backfire. You shouldn’t, for example, hog all of their free time. You shouldn’t be jealous of the other people they move around with. Give them their life to live; if you are confident within yourself and about the relationship you share with your partner with a healthy esteem, you give the relationship a breath of life not a strangulation.


Too often, in a relationship, we tend to make people act in the way we want them to act. We tell them to avoid doing certain things they like and do certain things they detest. This is restrictive behavior. If you put yourself in their place, you will find that this kind of behavior can be stifling.