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Your Checklist for Success!

Here's a checklist of 7 practices common to successful people, individuals who live out their best life, but importantly practices that can support you to embrace possibilities!

1. Make the Decision to be Successful - Success is a Decision

Success starts with a Decision - to BE Successful! Success isn't a journey or an end result - when you decide you want something, and mean it with your heart, the journey is what happens as a result of that decision. And, what a journey it is!

2. Recognize that Success is an Inside Job.

You must choose to make the changes on the 'inside' before you can make real changes and accomplish the success you hope.

Our minds are like a big filing cabinet - you need to insert new positive files to authorize yourself to get what you want. Be attached to your ongoing personal development.

3. Set Goals

No matter how implausible, work on your higher goals.

Write down your goal and hopes and review them daily.

Write your goals into particular action plans. Break your action plans into action lists and chunk them into small steps (at least 3 next steps).

Get rid of the time wasters.

4. Take Action

People who live on purpose know what they need to do to get what they want and they waste no time taking action and doing it.

Just take action. You'll feel fabulous when you do. Make it simple, take the angst out of it, and just do it. It'll catch up with for a handful of imperfectnesses. So remember, aim for progress, not perfection.

When you take that step, it will shift and move everything toward advancement - you'll see charming things that will start to line up and bless in your life.

5. Make Smart Choices to Support Your Success.

Ask yourself - will this alternative empower me or disempower me?

Successful people make alternatives that support accomplishing the life of their dreams.

By the shear fact that the more you do and try, the more expected you are to achieve the results you're after. It is a numbers game.

Try, repeat and find-tune as you go learning from your errors.

6. Overcome Procrastination

Be excited on what its mean and will feel like when you achieve your greatest desires!

Don't put your life on hold to accommodate any alibis or fear. Build a life that's meaningful

7. See Opportunity, See Possibility!

Be keen and sensitive to recognizing chances, breaks and doors of opportunity around you. Be aware that adversity is often an unrecognized opportunity.

Successful people know how to make their failings work for them.

Go for it!

Embrace your failings or shortcomings and turn them into a how to for others on how you defeated them and triumphed - Your Story is what makes way for you to impact many life exponentially.

We all have the capacity to embrace possibilities that includes you. With this simple checklist, you can not only embrace possibilities, but have them as well!


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