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You Are Worth It!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Do you sometimes feel like you are a work in progress?  

Do you feel the drive to keep improving yourself and then find yourself in a spiral of despair because you just never feel like you measure up?

For many people, this is their reality.

We all need to find freedom from the cycle that we are imperfect.

While we all have room to grow and develop; the most freeing of all realities about ourselves that we need to absorb and accept is that we are a unique and beautiful human being.

There is no one quite like you on this Earth and there never will be!

Once we accept this for ourselves, we can then look for ways to make the good in us better. Without this perspective, we will constantly strive to find some self-acceptance and won’t move much beyond this point in our life.

An old African proverb reminds us that if we don’t have any enemies inside us, then no external enemies can cause us harm or hurt.

Have you noticed when things are going well on the inside and you are feeling secure and happy with life, things that go wrong in your life don’t seem to be so bad, but when you are feeling bad about your self, things are so different. The world seems to take on a much darker feeling and it’s more difficult to cope when things are not going right?

Learning to love yourself and to appreciate the uniqueness you are is often the first stage of learning how to take control of your life and embrace possibilities.

If we don’t have the enemies inside us, then no external enemies can harm or hurt.

Many of the things we procrastinate over that are for our own benefit and enrichment are oftenthe things we don’t do, because perhaps deep inside we don’t think we are good enough or worthy enough to do these things for ourselves.  

Challenge those thoughts and starting tomorrow - Choose one thing you want to do for you. - Because guess what, you are worth it!

Most people have to battle the self-talk and rarely say anything nice about themselves. Try looking in the mirror when you wake up and tell your reflection what you would tell your best friend. You are worth it!


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