Why They Doubt While You Dream

Most people don’t accomplish what they set out to do.

This is not a negative conclusion to fault find people nor humanity.

In most recent studies, it has been shown that almost 80% who even set a New Years Resolution, don’t accomplish them. That is a large number of people who don’t accomplish what they set out to do at the beginning of each year!

This doesn’t make people overall and inclusively failures, but it does make people prone to create alibis for their own shortcomings and try to set up reasons that in a general sense, to play it safe, to be realistic and give up as an acceptable means of going through life.

And in doing so, they tend to doubt things that are outside of the box to the idea of playing it safe, being realistic and when it’s time to draw the line and move on.

In actuality these are the people that doubt while you believe.

Why do they Doubt?

Most people that doubt probably long ago believed in the possibilities of their own dreams but by conscious and/or subconscious beliefs felt it was unreasonable for them to keep forging forward.