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Why Self-Love is Non-Negotiable

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Love a the universal force.

It is the source of the golden rule that says, “Treat others as you want to be treated.”

But you treat yourself with lack luster, it is fair to say that you could very well treat others in a lack luster manner as well.

That is why self-love non-negotiable.

It is safe to say however that in most cases, we may not know what it means to have a healthy sense of love for yourself.

Self-love is about a healthy sense of yourself knowing that you have a place to show up in the world feeling value of yourself and what you bring to life.

Self-love promotes a daily life that does not sacrifice your well being at the expense of unhealthy practices, behaviors or relationships.

Self-love honors compassion, patience and purpose knowing that you are a work in process without feeling that you have to be perfect to be accepted, respected and supported.


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When you truly taken the time to nurture your well being to a space of continually self-love, you can be able to understand, respect and honor the individual needs of this universal love that it is being spoken.

When you understand that your self-love is the language in which love is spoken to others, you can then truly treat others you want to be treated. That is why self-love is none-negotiable.

You must truly pursue and nurture the love that abides in you.

You must care about you too to truly care and love others.

When you do, you embrace possibilities!


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