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What it Means to Do the Work

Our Misperceptions of Work

Work is a word that sometimes frightens people.

At an instant they already feel overwhelmed, incapable and afraid of the idea of work: work to assess, work to do and more work on top of that.

Maybe from the early precepts of work that were mentioned for example in the Bible, we may attained an ill conception of work.

When Adam and Eve were banished from paradise, they were cursed (and the rest of humanity coming after them) to a life of work and toil creating the thought that work is bad, out of rhythm and full of dread.

Work is Wonderful

But work is far more beautiful than we make it to be.

It is a rhythm of life that gives life meaning, purpose and all things worthwhile.

Work is about identifying in area in which you place your focus on with thought, effort and action consistently to create something after more beautiful than was before.

You work to build a building and after the work of building you have a wonderful architecture masterpiece.

You work on your garden and after you have a harvest of healthy varieties of fruits and veggies that continual yield more and more food each year.

You work on your education and after receive a formal certificate of completion your diploma or degree that leverages you opportunities professionally in your career of choice.

Doing the Work in You

It is easy to identify working on something that is tangible outside of you.

But what about doing the work you can’t see?

What about the work on the inside of you on things you may think or feel?

Such as:

  • Right thinking

  • Emotional Health (Intelligence)

  • The Inner Dialogue You Have with You

  • Dealing with Stressors

  • Merely Breathing Well

Doing the work in you like those tangible things; bring about a return that tangible things can’t bring.

Such as:

  • Inner Peace

  • Enthusiasm

  • Gratitude

  • Harmony

  • True Joy

Conclusion: Doing Your Work Rewards You

You don’t have to be afraid of working through things that need your attention.

If you see that effective communication or dealing with your emotions in a healthy manner is an area to focus in on to improve in, do the work.

The first step in doing the work is easy and simple: acknowledging to yourself that there is work that needs to be done in this area.

When you open yourself up to accepting the work, the tools will come to you and what you need to do the work will make its way to you.

It may come through an idea to search a search, someone may mention they know a really good counselor, by quality time with a family member you really respect that gives way to some good wisdom or via a book to read on the matter.

The possibilities are endless and available to you when you don’t shy away from work but embrace it especially the work in you!

Doing the work will have you leaping for joy, doing the work will have you embracing possibilities!


Ready to do the work?

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