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What is the Source of Your Happiness?

Different individuals have different perspectives on the source of their happiness.

Some would say it's finding their soulmate. Others would say it’s merely having a marvelous and meaningful life.

All of these answers strike a chord, naturally.

While everyone has their own belief or idea of what encompasses happiness, understanding what you are motivated by guides you into a deeper construct of what happiness means to you.

Here are 5 factors to consider when uncovering the motivating forces of your own happiness:

Your Relationships

Among the things that make individuals happy and pleased is the company of healthy prosperous life giving relationships.

It makes no sense to say relationships makes you happy if these relationships are riddled with negativity, abuse and dysfunction.

Relationships that are in harmony with the forward progression of you being your best self brings forth feelings of positivity.

The healthy emotional back up these relationships offer to you in life is priceless.

Having individuals around you that you love, trust, cherish and care for makes you feel that you’re not alone.

Charity: an Act of Kindness

Assisting others, whether in small or big ways, elates a person’s spirit like nothing else. Doing something for nothing may be completely opposite of what you've been taught, but acts of generosity and unselfishness always leave you with a warm feeling.

Sharing your wealth or time with others puts you in the position to encounter the same positive energy back from other people.

Likewise, making a difference in someone else’s life has a way of returning to you.

Purpose in Meaningful work

A career or daily tasks that align to your ultimate purpose in life gives you a sense of valuable meaning that you are doing what you are meant on Earth to do.

Regardless of what you are being paid, it never feels like work because you wake up with a zeal and passion to put worth the effort needed in your vocation of choice.

While going after a path for merely an elevated salary isn’t always what makes individuals happy. As a matter of fact, these jobs often make individuals miserable unless your heart is in what you do.

By discovering meaning in what you do, you'll feel accomplished and have a purposefulness leading to true happiness.


It’s impossible to feel a sense of happiness when you feel limited.

Whether it’s being able to convey yourself creatively or being able to make a choice for yourself, personal freedom is crucial.

Suppression generates a lot of damaging emotions and behaviors that are counterproductive to your well-being.

A Sense of Success

Who doesn’t prefer to succeed?

Individuals who believe they’ve accomplished personal or professional success in their life are more prepared to go after other goals and try fresh experiences.

When you gain a clear understanding of what success means to you, you can become more contented with the centering your life, feeling empowered in path you are taking and are generally happier in the long-run.


It is important to understand what happiness means to you. In order to do so, you have to take time to think about what are your motivating forces in life.

What is your why?

When you wake up, what is the fire that gets you out of bed excited for the day?

When you understand the foundation is your happiness, you understand how to embrace possibilities.


What makes you happy? Write it down!

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