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Up, Down, Left or Right; Either Way, It’s All Good!

Sometimes, we can really, really be hard on ourselves.

There is one thing to be personally accountable for yourself, but there is a totally different thing when you are continually beat up on yourself.

Being over critical of yourself, is a self-defeating prophecy of falling short living life in a some sort of deficit.

This is also called self-sabotage.

No matter how hard you try, it seems as if things almost pan out for you, but not really.

  • You get the person of your dreams, but push them away somehow.

  • You land the business deal, but it ended prematurely by a random misfire.

  • You get the house, but somehow the management of having the home starts to overwhelm you.

Self-Sabotage and these self-defeating outcomes start with an idea that who you are and what you are is not enough when it actually is.

Remember there is a difference between striving for excellence versus striving for perfection.

  • Aiming for excellence is a good quality to have.

  • Aiming for perfection is self-sabotage (self-defeating).

You are human and it is not expected of you to be perfect, but give your best and nurture your best along the way so your best gets better.

You never get better by being overly critical of every step you take.

Relax, reflect on the progress you’ve made and celebrate it!

If you don’t celebrate you, how to do expect to show up in the world celebrated worthy of what life has to offer.

Affirm you, uplift you and take one step at a time with your best (not perfect) foot forward. Whether you go up, down, left or right; either way, it’s all good! And you are good enough!


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