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Understanding the, ”Why” Behind Your Excuses

All of us have something we really want to do but keep finding excuses not too.

Maybe you want to start on a walking routine each day but there is always housework to do that “must come first.”

Maybe you plan to take up golf, but there is always one more report to write for work.

We are so good at making excuses about why some things are more important than other things, but in truth, life balance means that prioritizing time for the things we want to do is as important as doing the things we know we must do.

We all know how important a diary is and the importance of scheduling our time and planning to achieve the things need to accomplish.

We have heard of the need to schedule the things we want to do into our day.

In theory, it all makes sense and we would love to do it, and perhaps we do write those things into our schedule. Yet still we make excuses at the end of the day when we don’t do them.

Understand Your Why

Write down the last five things you intended to do but didn’t accomplish and then write beside them the reasons why you didn’t do them.

Be honest with yourself about the excuses you made to justify why you didn’t do them. Maybe you felt too tired, or maybe you were fearful of walking that track alone. Maybe you decided to cook a nice dinner for your family instead of going to the movies.

Remember, excuses don’t have to be negative.

Excuses are really choices we make. Sometimes we make choices that are good and valid choices, other times; our choices are a reflection of other things going on in our lives.

Therefore, writing down our excuses, is really about writing down our choices.

Why did we choose not to do something?

Did we replace it with something else?

Perhaps we were able to modify a choice to make it more achievable.


Once we know why we make the choices we do, we are in a position to change our actions, attitudes or behaviors if necessary to make different choices.

Understanding why we make the choices we do is the first step to holistic inner health.

Our choices are the essential key to how well we prioritize looking after our body and nurturing its wellbeing. When you stop making excuses and start making change, you embrace possibilities!


Ready address your excuses with intention?

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